12/8 update from Honda.....

Dear Honda Dealer Parts Managers,
As you may be aware, we have been experiencing backorders on motocompacto due to extremely high demand. Following the earlier announcement, we would like to provide the updated delivery information. *For (1), update is in red text.  

1.  Preorder Fulfilment: To meet the high demand and ensure a smooth launch for all participants, we will be prioritizing allocations based on the following:
  • Preorders placed during the early phase (before October 8th) – First 5 units out of the total order quantity to be fulfilled starting October 30th.  
    • We aim to complete the fulfillment by the week of 12/11. 
  • Remaining preorders are scheduled to be fulfilled by mid-December. 
    • We intend to load the remaining preorders once the above 1st batch release is completed. Our goal is to complete the fulfillment of the 2nd batch preorder by early February.
  • Any additional normal orders through the system will be fulfilled upon preorder deployment completion.
  • *Due to extremely high demand, we anticipate potential delays in fulfilling orders. AHM is actively working to increase production and inventory levels in early 2024 to address this demand.
    • We have adjusted the part release date to February 2024 in order to honor the preorders.
2.  Parts Center Deployment Plan: We plan to share a weekly allocation by parts center once we have confirmed schedule information. 
We understand and apologize for the hardship and inconvenience that you, our dealers, and ultimately our Honda clients are experiencing due to this challenging situation.  We appreciate your patience and continued support of the Genuine Accessories business.


Auto Accessory Marketing

So our units on order are preorder units. Honda is stating they will arrive between Mid-December to Early February. Once they give us further details we will let you know.
Also here is an article explaining Honda's Motocompacto fulfillment via The Autopian
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