The Road to Motocompacto Fulfillment

The Road to Motocompacto Fulfillment

We experienced some unexpected disappointment when our anticipated Motocompacto units failed to arrive on Friday. Our order status report was recently updated, revealing a new delivery date of 11/28. So, once again, we find ourselves in the waiting game. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

But let's take a moment to explore some pre-order math. There are approximately 1,500 Honda and Acura dealerships in the US. Now, imagine that, daringly, 66% of these dealers decided to participate in the pre-order by reserving 5 units each, thereby securing themselves a complimentary showroom display. That's only 4,950 Motocompactos collectively pre-ordered.

Rumors are afloat that, by the time the dealer pre-order window closed on 10/31, Honda had tallied over 7,000 units in pre-orders. Honda, in their commitment to fairness, has vowed to dispatch the initial 5 units to every dealer before addressing the rest of the pre-ordered units.

Now, let's chart our progress along the fulfillment journey:

1. Delivering the First Five Units to Every Dealer (11/1-12/15) – This is precisely where we stand at the moment.

2. Distributing the Remainder of Pre-Ordered Units (Mid-December, maybe....) – Dealers can anticipate the arrival of their remaining pre-ordered Motocompactos.

3. Opening Up Dealer Ordering for Stock Units (Early 2024) – The road ahead holds exciting possibilities as we usher in the new year.

We appreciate your patience as we navigate through this exciting chapter in the Motocompacto story. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we look forward to sharing more updates as they come.

Stay tuned for what lies ahead!

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